Stress Management

Stress has an impact on all we do in life, this is even more blatantly "in our face" these days due to the negative impact that all aspects of Covid have had on us both as individuals as well as businesses. People need to understand that stress can't be eliminated, rather it needs to be managed thus reducing the negative impact it has on the individual and the company they work in.  We also teach people about the positive aspect of stress and how to embrace that.

Stress Management

Good practice

The importance of this article highlights the positive impact that stress and more so the acknowledgement of having stress can be. The article focuses on ways of dealing and coping with stress through the concept of how it can be beneficial to a person. This article makes stress…
This article was published by the Mayo Clinic which is world renowned as an institute in high esteem. The article focuses on "broken heart syndrome, an ailment that is both real and can have a huge negative impact on an individual. The two key points for us in the article…
The article is succinct thus easy for people with stress (often stress creates a short attention span) to read. The article is direct and to the point touching on an extremely powerful technique in stress management, namely reframing. This is a valuable tool we all need to be…
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