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Gone are the days when you get a gold watch for being 40 years at the same company. Compared with previous generations, people currently work for several companies before they are 30 years old.

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Everyone’s journey is unique, but there are a few things that today’s graduates can do differently from their parents and grandparents:

  • Be a continuous learner. The world is changing too fast to only rely on your studies after school. Short courses are a fantastic way to keep your skill set updated or help you move into a new career direction. 
  • Take advantage of everything you can learn at your company if you do not plan to stay forever. Those skills can assist you in landing your next position at a different company. 
  • Be self-reliant. Your employer will probably not take care of you (it is a bonus if they do). Know how to recharge and make resilience part of your skill set. 
  • Advice such as “follow your passion” or “turn your life purpose into a job” can sometimes damage individuals if they don’t find their dream jobs. Dan Cable suggested that one should follow your blisters instead. According to him, a blister wears at you, chafes you, but you keep getting drawn back to it. It implies perseverance, although they are not always blissful.  
  • The “gig economy”, where individuals have short-term contracts or freelance work instead of one permanent job, is becoming popular. Don’t be hesitant to be part of the new model.


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