12 - Manage External Relationships

Fostering external relationships with stakeholders of the entity, including investors, government and industry, the board of directors, and the general public. This is not related to customer management.

12.0Manage External Relationships  
12.1 Build investor relationships  
12.1.1  Plan, build, and manage lender relations
12.1.2  Plan, build, and manage analyst relations
12.1.3  Communicate with shareholders
12.2 Manage government and industry relationships
12.2.1  Manage government relations   Assess relationships   Appoint responsible executives   Monitor relationships   Receive input from internal advisors   Receive input from external advisors   Liaise with authorities
12.2.2  Manage relations with quasi-government bodies   Establish relationships with agencies   Respond to audit inquiries   Maintain documentation of contacts   Plan and manage meetings
12.2.3  Manage relations with trade or industry groups   Evaluate the requirements for strategic relationships   Monitor the success of the partnerships   Extend or change the relationships
12.2.4  Manage lobby activities 
12.3 Manage relations with board of directors
12.3.1  Report financial results 
12.3.2  Report audit findings  
12.4 Manage legal and ethical issues 
12.4.1  Create ethics policies 
12.4.2  Manage corporate governance policies
12.4.3  Develop and perform preventive law programs
12.4.4  Ensure compliance   Plan and initiate compliance program   Execute compliance program
12.4.5  Manage outside counsel   Assess problem and determine work requirements   Engage/Retain outside counsel if necessary   Receive strategy/budget   Receive work product and manage/monitor case and work performed   Process payment for legal services   Track legal activity/performance
12.4.6  Protect intellectual property   Manage copyrights, patents, and trademarks   Maintain intellectual property rights and restrictions   Administer licensing terms   Administer options 
12.4.7  Resolve disputes and litigations 
12.4.8  Provide legal advice/counseling 
12.4.9  Negotiate and document agreements/contracts
12.5 Manage public relations program 
12.5.1  Manage community relations 
12.5.2  Manage media relations 
12.5.3  Promote political stability 
12.5.4  Create press releases 
12.5.5  Issue press releases  

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