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We live in an increasingly globally connected world, which also became incredibly evident with the COVID pandemic. Global supply chains were severely disrupted, and we could see the impact of these global connections, Global collaboration, global cooperation and partnerships are vital in the age that we live in, and it is an absolutely crucial skill for business to have. Most successful companies have to collaborate across borders, not only in terms of their own businesses, but also in terms of dealing with customers and suppliers and other international organizations, and global collaboration skills are critical to do this successfully. 

So what do you need to do to be successful at global collaboration? Firstly, one has to understand that in order to do business globally you need to be able to communicate effectively across different cultures and build trust in order to reach agreements. This means that you must also overcome language barriers and transcend physical distances, which could be a problem as for many people trust is built mostly through face-to-face interactions. And obviously if you have a global team, you also have to align the team towards a common goal. So, global collaboration is becoming an increasingly important skill for all businesses going forward.

Global Collaboration

Good practice

Companies and organisations have become increasingly complex and globally dispersed. Multiple locations, business units and functions have to work together.

There are a number of advantages for global cooperation and collaboration across these boundaries.
Remote teams are becoming more and more popular, with an increasing amount of people starting to work and collaborate online. This means that global team collaboration is of tantamount importance to nearly all businesses today.
Very few things in this world, and in business in particular, can be accomplished without teamwork. Collaboration is the backbone of any successful business. And in our increasingly global world, collaborating often takes different shapes. From working with your co-worker in the…
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