10 - Acquire, Construct, and Manage Assets

Relating to the design, construction, acquisition, and management of both productive and non-productive assets.

10.0Acquire, Construct, and Manage Assets  
10.1 Plan and acquire assets  
10.1.1  Develop property strategy and long term vision   Confirm alignment of property requirements with business strategy   Appraise the external environment   Determine build or buy decision
10.1.2  Plan facility   Design facility   Analyze budget   Select property   Negotiate terms for facility   Manage construction or modification to building
10.1.3  Provide workspace and facilities   Acquire workspace and facilities   Change fit/form/function of workspace and facilities
10.1.4  Manage facilities operations   Relocate people   Relocate material and tools
10.2 Design and construct productive assets
10.2.1  Manage capital program for productive assets   Define capital investment plan   Monitor capital program   Secure construction financing
10.2.2  Design and plan asset construction   Develop construction strategy   Perform construction performance management   Obtain construction permissions   Design assets   Plan construction resources
10.2.3  Schedule and perform construction work   Schedule construction work   Obtain resources   Construct new assets   Augment existing assets   Renew/Replace assets
10.2.4  Manage asset construction   Monitor work performance   Undertake construction quality control   Create work and asset records   Manage safety, security, and access to sites
10.3 Maintain productive assets  
10.3.1  Plan asset maintenance   Develop maintenance strategies   Analyze assets and predict maintenance requirements   Specify maintenance policies   Integrate preventive maintenance into operations schedule   Identify work management tasks & priorities   Conduct resource planning   Create work plans 
10.3.2  Manage asset maintenance   Schedule maintenance work   Obtain required resources   Undertake quality control   Update work and asset records   Manage maintenance work safety   Define maintenance performance targets   Monitor maintenance performance against targets/contracts
10.3.3  Perform asset maintenance   Perform preventative asset maintenance   Perform routine asset maintenance   Perform corrective asset maintenance and repairs   Identify unplanned maintenance requirements   Perform unplanned maintenance and repairs
10.4 Dispose of assets   
10.4.1  Develop exit strategy 
10.4.2  Decommission productive assets
10.4.3  Perform sale or trade 
10.4.4  Perform abandonment 
10.4.5  Perform waste and hazardous goods management

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