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The purpose of this team is to shape a better future for the Ocean Economy.

Portfolio of Improvement Initiatives:

  • Lobby and facilitate improved launch and commissioning facilities for local boat builders
  • Marketing and promotion of marine manufacturing entities digitally and in print
  • Work collectively with entities to unlock shipping and supply chain blockages
  • Facilitate training programmes with industry specialization and accreditation
  • Facilitate placements and internships leading to sustainable jobs
  • Increase international exposure
  • Create a database of suppliers and support framework in partnership with the V&A Waterfront
  • Create a network of links with fleet managers and Superyacht captains and equipment suppliers globally

The Western Cape is the epicentre of the country’s world-class boat-building industry, which comprises both a commercial and recreational segment. South Africa is the world’s second-biggest producer of recreational catamarans (after France), with Western Cape yards at the helm of this success, led by the hugely successful Robertson and Caine yard in Cape Town.

Ocean Economy

The Chamber supports local area and sector development by providing the following:

1. Enterprise development - increasing awareness of opportunities for learning, development and links to expertise.

2. Networking events - enabling members to connect with new customers, suppliers, experts and decision-makers.

3. Support sector associations to strengthen their cluster facilitation capabilities.

4. Strengthening of dialogue with the public sector - towards more effective public investment, smarter service delivery, procurement efficacy and to stop doing what the private sector can do with greater efficacy.

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The Province is also set to expand its international superyacht footprint thanks to a public /private partnership involving the City of Cape Town, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, and industry body BlueCape. This initiative aims to increase the Western Cape’s share of the lucrative superyacht service and repair industry, particularly during the European ‘off-season’ when many superyachts typically undergo maintenance.

Cape Town is also a fast-growing hub for both Antarctic research vessels and robust ‘expedition’ motor yachts heading to the frozen south. The Tavern of the Seas also produces some of the world’s finest patrol vessels, with the South African Navy benefiting from this local expertise.

The Ocean Economy also includes the Province’s famous fishing industry, comprised of offshore, inshore, recreational and subsistence sub-sectors. Hake is a major export product, and this fishery alone supports thousands of jobs. Many west coast and southern Cape villages depend largely upon the sea for their livelihood.

The broader Ocean Economy also supports the fast-growing offshore bunkering sector, which now involves some of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies. Oil & gas exploration is also set to expand its footprint in southern Africa, buoyed by the discovery of major offshore gas reserves.

We welcome you to engage with us to improve our Ocean Economy.



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Blue Cape

CEO: Vanessa Davidson

Chairperson: Bruce Tedder

Chairperson: Loyiso Phantshwa

CEO : Peter Besnard

Chairperson: Malte Kersten

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