Time Management

“Time management” is a myth.

Ask 20 people their definition of “time” and you get 20 different responses.  So how can you manage something that’s difficult to define? “Action” on the other hand is uniquely defined. So, if we cannot manage time, then what can we manage?  Our actions. The things we choose to do in the 24 hours we have available every day. David Allen has written brilliantly about this in the one article below – You can do anything but not everything.

The productivity principles (8 Ways to Productivity Mastery) I have discovered since first reading David’s article, combined with the brilliance of MS Outlook as action management tool, have paved the way for more than13 000 people in 12 countries to save 40 minutes a day, beat email overwhelm, prioritise effectively and stay focused amidst distractions.  See how this combination works for you in the short video below about Outlook Productivity.

Time Management

Good practice

Using existing outlook tools and productivity principles to improve your productivity.
Time management is your ability to use your time effectively, be productive and accomplish not only your daily tasks, but your larger life goals. It means knowing the difference between being busy and being productive: When you’re busy, your mind is preoccupied with your to-do…
Managing your time is a key element in successful study. This series of articles shows you how you can best organise the time you have available and motivate yourself to use it wisely.
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