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The Western Cape has a proud legacy of world-class education facilities, both public and private, that continue to attract local and international talent. These facilities have spawned a thriving supplier network.

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The Chamber supports local area and sector development by providing the following:

1. Enterprise development - increasing awareness of opportunities for learning, development and links to expertise.

2. Networking events - enabling members to connect with new customers, suppliers, experts and decision-makers.

3. Support sector associations to strengthen their cluster facilitation capabilities.

4. Strengthening of dialogue with the public sector - towards more effective public investment, smarter service delivery, procurement efficacy and to stop doing what the private sector can do with greater efficacy.

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SETAs – Contact List of Sector Education and Training Authorities

The province’s emergence as a technology hub has also spawned multiple online colleges, language schools, and other educational training centres that tap into a rich vein of available talent.  A broad network of non-profit organisations and other civil society groups working in the education space, support these businesses.

The Province has six public colleges and 50 private colleges, all registered with the Western Cape Department of Higher Education and Training.  There are at least as many private schools in the Province.  

The Chamber’s newly established Education Sector Portfolio Committee will forge partnerships with various institutions and stakeholders within the sector to support and expand the education and skills development footprint.

We aim to facilitate and promote the combined efforts of business and relevant stakeholders (partnerships) to achieve skills development. In this way, we hope to nurture future talent and facilitate job creation and economic upliftment.  

Valuable input:
Lawhill Maritime Centre
By providing students aged approximately 15 to 17 with specialised knowledge and skills in their last three years of secondary schooling (Grades 10 to 12), the Lawhill Maritime Centre at Simon’s Town School has, since 1995, made it possible for hundreds of young South Africans to embark on successful careers in the maritime and other industries.

We welcome your engagement in strengthening our education sector.




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