The Chamber’s professional team can assist you on a variety of international trade matters and has both the expertise to assist you and the contacts to find the answer to your business inquiry and, if not, will find someone who can.

The advice and information provided is current, timeous and relevant. The information is sourced on a continuous basis from a broad network of contacts.

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International Trade Desk
The desk is the first point of contact for trade missions and visiting business executives from overseas, seeking buying or selling opportunities with local businesses. We arrange for the delegates to come to the Chamber and meet with our members. We also set up information seminars on how to do business with various countries and assist members with information on local and international exhibitions.
International buyers frequently visit South Africa to meet with local businesses who are potential suppliers of products and services. This provides an opportunity for members of the Cape Chamber and other local business people to meet on a one-on-one basis with pre-screened foreign buyers, potential distributors, sales agents, prospective customers and business partners in foreign markets.

For further information contact: Narieman

Export Market Access Support
According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) market access for goods means the conditions, tariff and non-tariff measures, agreed by members for the entry of specific goods into their markets. Tariff commitments for goods are set out in each member's schedules of concessions on goods. The schedules represent commitments not to apply tariffs above the listed rates — these rates are “bound”. Non-tariff measures are dealt with under specific WTO agreements. According to the World Bank, a country’s location not only determines its physical geography, hereby determining a country’s ease of access to international markets.

The better this market access is, the higher a country’s level of income. The importance of market access in shaping global and regional patterns of economic development. In South Africa, the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) has been tasked to build equitable multilateral trading system that facilitates development, and strengthens trade and investment links with key international economies. In particular, the dtic seeks to foster African development, through regional and continental integration and development.

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Export Market Country Information
It is important to learn about your export market before you export. With proper research and easy tools to use you can find information on countries that you intend to export to, or discover new markets that will benefit your business. This knowledge will prepare you to make better, well-informed decisions before entering an international market.
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