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Like most things in life, preparation is key to success and it is no different when you are trying to raise finance for your business. With a variety of funding options available on the market, your approach needs to be geared towards a particular funder and that funder should suit your business requirements. 

Key starting points are

  1. Assess your bankability
  2. Address any weak areas in bankability
  3. Research and choose an appropriate funder
  4. Draft a tailored business plan with financial projections
  5. Tailor your pitch.

The Chamber’s role is to link you to opportunities. In this case, we provide access to funding options accessible and technical advice on how to succeed with applications.

Government Grants, Loans & Small Business Support Services: 

  1. Department of Trade and Industry and Competition (DTIC)
    The DTI provides funding to qualifying businesses from a range of sectors
  2. Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)
    Multiple funds available offering financial support to start-up businesses needing capital for equipment, working capital and buildings. It also funds business expansion. 

  3. Land Bank 
    Offers a wide range of loans for all financial needs like buying land, equipment and working capital for agricultural projects. 

  4. National Empowerment Fund (NEF)
    The aim of this organisation is to support B-BEEE and previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. It offers funding for start-ups and expansion as a loan, equity funding.

  5. Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)
    The goal is to increase the quality of life of all South Africans by developing and exploiting technological innovations.

  6. Isivande Women's Fund (IWF)
    An exclusively women’s fund provided to empower women who have existing businesses. 

  7. The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA)
    Provides financial products and services to qualifying SMMEs and Co-operatives, through a hybrid of wholesale and direct lending channels within the following sectors: Services, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Mining and Green Industries. The agency is a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation Limited (IDC).

  8. Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA)
    Is an agency of the Department of Small Business Development whose aim is to develop, support and promote small enterprises throughout the country, ensuring their growth and sustainability in co–ordination and partnership with various role players.

  9. The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)
    Provides direct services to youth in the form of information provision, career guidance services, mentorship, skills development and training, entrepreneurial development and support, as well as small grants up to R250 000.

  10. Casidra 
    Offers an Entrepreneurial Support Fund (to Western Cape Businesses only) which offers small loans ranging between R5 000 and R100 000 where there is a valid and signed contract in place. These loans are approved and paid within 2 weeks.

  11. Finfind
    Department of Small Business Development initiative for start-ups and existing businesses.


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