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Enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiencies, increase employee satisfaction, reduce risk and better integrate technology.

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The Chamber supports business process improvement by providing good practice information, linking members to experts in the topics and benchmarking, hosting topical learning events and promoting relevant reputable events and services by others. See our Improve your Business Process section for   typical good practice process steps – from strategy to results.

Business process improvement objectives typically include: Quicker process completion, lowering costs, improving quality and providing evidence of compliance and of quality assurance. A business process, maps out a preferred way of executing work to achieve optimal results. With processes being mapped out, this enables your teams to discuss the pros and cons of doing the work in different ways, thereby making it easier to improve.

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The focus is primarily on ensuring Operational Excellence within a manufacturing environment. Performance Benchmarking methodology and approach considers how firms should evolve, especially within the current environment.
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This course is organised around APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process Management and characteristics of high-performing, best-practice process managed organisations. The seven tenets provides a framework for understanding and assessing an organsation’s process management capabilities.…
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Business process re-engineering is a business management strategy, originally pioneered in the early 1990s, focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organisation.
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This article highlights seven different process improvements your team can use to reduce inefficiencies and increase profit. Including: Six Sigma, TQM, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Plan DO Check Act, 5 Why’s analysis and Business process management.
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