Negotiation skills are key to success in both informal day-to-day interactions and formal transactions such as negotiating sales, purchases, design and development solutions and strategic partnerships.

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The Chamber supports negotiation skills by providing access to good practice information, linking members to experts and hosting topical learning events.

There are a multitude of different approaches and strategies that fit different contexts. We share below a number of expert opinions about the basics of negotiation. Links to training courses are added for more in-depth insight. 

Good practice

by Forbes Coaches Council
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Negotiation requires a technique to properly execute and usually demands an understanding of the other person to some extent.
by Harvard Law School
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Some negotiators seem to believe that hard-bargaining tactics are the key to success. They resort to threats, extreme demands and even unethical behaviour to try to get the upper hand in a negotiation. In fact, negotiators who fall back on hard-bargaining strategies in…
by Vistage
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When doing business, we do not have a choice as to whether or not we negotiate. The only choice we have is how well we negotiate. We all go through some sort of negotiation each day.
Negotiating successfully
by Queensland Government
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by Udemy
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Negotiation Courses to get you started.
by Harvard Business Publishing
Learn how to successfully negotiate agreements that benefit their future organisation. They will discover how to prepare for a negotiation, conduct tactical discussions, avoid common errors and overcome obstacles.
by University of Cape Town
Become an effective negotiator and develop a toolkit for navigating workplace disputes.
Linking members to experts

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