Athlone and Cape Flats Chapter

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Athlone is a vibrant cultural hub filled with diverse businesses and an even more diverse community on the Cape Flats. Athlone is also known for its successful industrial area with many businesses having been in operation there for decades. 



The Chamber's supports local area with development by providing support for:

1. Enterprise development - increasing awareness of opportunities for learning, development and links to expertise. 

2. Networking events - enabling members to connect with new customers, suppliers, experts and decision-makers. 

3. Business retention and expansion programmes - for firms to express their concerns about issues affecting business in the area, and to steer systematic improvement of their local business environment.

4. Participation in regional sector and value chain development programmes.

We look forward to hosting even more events and webinars to add value to our members.

Useful City of Cape Town information relevant to the Athlone / Cape Flats chapter:

The City has produced a number of publications that focus on the industrial areas in Cape Town. The publications cover 26 industrial areas in the city and highlight key facts and figures on the locations, economic activity trends, business’ economic activity, as well as vacant land and buildings.


Although faced with many challenges such as poverty, unemployment, and crime, the Athlone and Cape Flats community always strives to rise above its circumstances with many successful individuals coming from this community. 

It is the business hub where you can find anything from a hairdresser to a butcher or furniture store and even some of the best-known traditional Cape Malay and Indian cuisine . Athlone also has many well-known schools and tertiary institutions.

Known as “7764”, the area code, but also a song made famous by local musician, Jimmy Nevis who was born and raised in Athlone. The Chapter consists of areas such as the Athlone CBD, Gatesville, Rylands, Kewtown, Bridgetown, Hazendal, Belgravia, Wetton , Langa and Gugulethu to name a few.

Athlone boasts a rich cultural history of arts and culture such as the Joseph Stone Auditorium. This has been home to the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts (est 1933) since 1968. It has provided an escape to our youth from the poverty and other socio-economic problems in the area. Another well-known landmark is the Athlone Stadium, which has hosted both International and local sporting events including school and community events.

As the Chapter committee for the Athlone and Cape Flats area, we pride ourselves on hosting events and webinars dedicated to youth, skills development, and employment of persons with disabilities specifically targeting the Athlone and the greater Cape Flats area. We have been collaborating with organisations of the same mindset as ourselves and we look forward to a future that can only improve on what we have achieved thus far. 


Sponsor information

Chapter Committee:

Rabia Achmat
Rabia Achmat Attorneys

Saadiqah Barends
College of Cape Town 




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