5 - Deliver Services

Offering services to customers. This is the act of providing service delivery as a core business practice and covers identifying strategies for performing service delivery, managing resources, and delivering services to the customer.

5.0Deliver Services    
5.1 Establish service delivery governance and strategies
5.1.1  Establish service delivery governance   Set up and maintain service delivery governance and management system   Manage service delivery performance   Manage service delivery development and direction   Solicit feedback from customer on service delivery satisfaction
5.1.2  Develop service delivery strategies   Define service delivery goals   Define labor policies   Evaluate resource availability   Define service delivery network and supply constraints   Define service delivery process   Review and validate service delivery procedures   Define service delivery workplace layout and infrastructure
5.2 Manage service delivery resources 
5.2.1  Manage service delivery resource demand   Monitor pipeline   Develop baseline forecasts   Collaborate with customers   Develop consensus forecast   Determine availability of skills to deliver on current and forecast customer orders   Monitor activity against forecast and revise forecast   Evaluate and revise forecasting approach   Measure forecast accuracy
5.2.2  Create and manage resource plan   Define and manage skills taxonomy   Create resource plan   Match resource demand with capacity, skills, and capabilities   Collaborate with suppliers and partners to supplement skills and capabilities   Identify critical resources and supplier capacity   Monitor and manage resource capacity and availability
5.2.3  Enable service delivery resources   Develop service delivery training plan   Develop training materials   Manage training schedule   Deliver operations training   Deliver technical training   Perform skill and capability testing   Evaluate training effectiveness
5.3 Deliver service to customer  
5.3.1  Initiate service delivery   Review contract and agreed terms   Understand customer requirements and define refine approach   Modify/revise and approve project plan   Review customer business objectives   Confirm environmental readiness   Identify, select, and assign resources    Establish people objectives    Establish engagement rules   Plan for service delivery
5.3.2  Execute service delivery   Analyze environment and customer needs   Define solution   Validate solution   Identify changes   Obtain approval to proceed   Make build/buy solution   Deploy solution 
5.3.3  Complete service delivery   Conduct service delivery/project review and evaluate success   Complete/finalize financial management activities   Confirm delivery according to contract terms   Release resources   Manage service delivery completion   Harvest knowledge   Archive records and update systems

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