Membership renewal: Select new membership options

We have expanded our services to better meet the needs of members. Large and established businesses have very different needs from small businesses starting out. One solution does not fit all. New services are now offered to cater for members with different needs. Members can choose any package of services. Pricing is now linked to the value of the package of services selected, rather than on the number of employees in a business. 

john lawson ceo video

So this year is not a simple renewal of membership like last year. You need to choose a new package, which will determine your annual fee. We have structured our membership packages as follows:

  • Connect, our entry level package, enables small enterprises to network better, learn faster and find business partners.
  • The Plus package in addition, enables you to use the chamber networks and influence, to fix issues in your precinct.
  • Prime provides systematic opportunities to connect with leaders of industry, and of government to improve strategic partnerships. 
  • Premium, the top tier package includes CEO exclusive club access, and direct executive support to address your business specific needs.

The Chamber’s network of Industry networks, now provides unparalleled access to key leaders across the WC economy. So ask yourself the following:  

  1. Who in the WC economy could help your business grow faster? How do you find these credible new partners?
  2. Who else shares your frustrations about business impediments? How do you mobilise them to drive the change needed?

We therefore invite you, to utilise the platforms provided by the Chamber, to realise your goals. 
Build your networks to unlock more opportunities. 
Lets stand up as a collective to shape a better future. As a united voice of business, we can fix the economic slide we are in.

Click here to view the new options and execute according to your choices.
Please submit by Thursday, 30 May 2024.