SME Growth Exporter Programme

(Media Release: Issued and provided by the Edge Growth)

The SME Growth Exporter Programme is a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with Edge Growth and FNB. This programme is specifically designed for dynamic South African SMEs looking to expand their businesses in international markets.

Programme vision:
Scale up majority (>=51%) black-owned EME and QSE SMEs that are already exporting to varying degrees by walking the export scale up journey with them through access to skills, market and funding. 

The SME Growth Exporter Programme is a and is a comprehensive, intensive and tailored approach that focuses on 3 key areas – Access to Skills, Access to Market and Access to Funding .

Access to Market:
• Pre-trade show and pre-sale support to increase the return of sales efforts
• Dedicated grant budget per programme participant to realise vetted high-probability sales opportunities e.g., engage buyers to close a new sale or increase sales

Access to Funding:
• Dedicated grant budget per programme participant to ensure a product is fit-for-market commercially and/or regulatory e.g., product certification, adjusting ways of working
• Dedicated funding pools for Opex, Working Capital and Capex to meet increasing demand for a fit-for-market product at preferential interest rates
• Support from experts to access existing outside-programme funding pools e.g., export incentives

Read the full programme overview here.