Athlone Chapter Safety/Security Roadshow: Empowering Cape Flats Businesses

In a concerted effort to combat crime and uplift business in the Athlone community, the recent Safety and Security Roadshow organized by the Cape Chamber, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government, and the South African Police Services (SAPS), marked a crucial step forward.

The event brought together key figures such as the Mayoral Committee Member for Safety & Security, Alderman JP Smith, Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagon Allen, and Brigadier Fritz from SAPS.

Meanwhile, it was the newly appointed station commander for the Athlone police station, Colonel Junaid Alcock, who impressed those in attendance and said he is looking forward to working more closely with businesses in order to be more proactive in combatting crime.

"With the festive season coming up, we will be redeploying officers into the community on foot patrol or extra vehicles on the road," he said.

Colonel Alcock is an Athlone local who boasts an impressive 34 years of service and a wealth of experience, says he understands the intricate dynamics of the community. His return to Athlone precinct signifies a strategic move to bolster safety measures and foster collaboration between law enforcement and local businesses.

"With the Cape Chamber initiating these events it means that we can now speak directly to businesses through the Chamber," said Colonel Alcock.

"It is vital for us that this partnership grows and I think the Cape Chamber is also bridging that gap with formal business in the area," he said.

Colonel Alcock also addressed specific issues plaguing the community, such as extortion and kidnapping. He urged community members not only to resist paying ransoms but also to actively report such incidents. 

With the support of the business community, law enforcement can proactively address these challenges and create a safer environment.

He added that the commitment of the Cape Chamber and its partners to empower businesses and communities against crime is evident, marking a positive stride toward a safer future.