200 days left - Update your pre-paid meter before the black-out

(Media Release: Issued and provided by the Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities)

The deadline to update prepaid electricity and water meters before they stop working on 24 November 2024, is now just over 200 days away.

"We are making steady progress in the switch over of pre-paid water and electricity meters in the Western Cape, but now is the time to ramp up efforts to complete the process to avoid disaster come 24 November 2024. If we don’t, it will be equivalent to load-shedding on steroids for thousands of homes and businesses,” said Western Cape, Provincial Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, Mireille Wenger.

“We have an estimated 1 047 682 municipal meters in the province, and as of 30 April, approximately 88.1% have been updated, up from 82.5% at the beginning of April this year," she said.

Read the full press release here.