The Cape Chamber finds a silver lining in the cloud

Cloud computing image

The Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry, now in its 217th year, has migrated its entire engagement management solution into the Cloud.

Not only does this provide all the benefits of Cloud-based computing, but the Cloud now has a silver lining in the form of increased operational efficiency and optimised support for its substantial member base.

The platform’s software-as-a-service features will deliver an even better experience for the Chamber’s  2 000 members and their quarter of a million employees.

We are now in an even stronger position to increase engagement as well as optimise it with this integrated technology platform.

Cloud platforms are transforming the way professional communities enable and enrich relationships. Even as we become more technologically connected, we have never been as socially disconnected.

The COVID-19 lockdown has made it more so.  But while physical human presence is important, technology has – as we have seen in the past few months – certainly ameliorated this issue.

 There is no reason for any businessperson to feel isolated. And with a Chamber membership fee equal to a packet of chips a day for small business, any businessperson can end their isolation and enhance their network – irrespective of prevailing conditions.

The Chamber solution is hosted by EventBank. It is not a quick fix. We have been evaluating various platforms for years. It has taken months of work by our Events and Membership departments to enable the migration to a platform suitable for our members.

Online networking is now crucial and we expect many more features to be added over time as we are met with new challenges. Members will soon receive an email to register on the new system.

Once connected, our members will experience all the advantages of enhanced engagement, streamlined operations, and modern management provided by technology and the member-centric culture of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry.