Urgent Call for Chamber Sub-Committee Members

The Chamber Board has the following sub-committees that meet on a quarterly basis in terms of the constitution

  • Finance Committee –

Monitoring and planning of the Chamber’s financial position and financial control systems. The key role is to ensure that the Chamber discharges its financial responsibilities efficiently and that the institution remains financially viable at all times.

  • Investment Committee –

Monitors the Chamber’s investment portfolio and ensures that the Chambers investment objectives are met. The committee ensures that there is an investment plan according to the financial needs and circumstances of the Chamber.

  • Social and Ethics Committee –

Social responsibility in business and ethics in the workplace is the main function of this committee. The committee advocates the social conscience of the Chamber and is responsible to ensure that the Chamber acts in a responsibly, socially, commercially and environmentally that is consonant with its role.

  • Audit and Risk Committee –

This committee assists the Board in carrying out its functions relating to the safeguarding of assets, the operation of adequate risk management and control processes and the preparation of financial statements in compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations, and the oversight of the external and internal controls.

These Sub-Committees advises the Board in the respective areas as outlined above.

As we have commenced the Chamber’s new financial year the Board felt it appropriate to revise and bolster the composition of each of these Sub-Committees.

Each committee comprises between 6 and 10 individuals.

The Board invites interested members who would like to a make positive contributions to these Board sub-committees to apply.

Should you be interested please send an email to our secretariat Jennifer Dearham (jennifer@CapeChamber.co.za ) advising:

  • Which Board sub-committee you would be interested in joining
  • A brief motivation of the role which you can play on the committee
  • A short Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining your qualifications and experience.

    Existing members of these sub-committees who wish to remain on the committees must please inform the secretariat thereof by 21 October 2020.

Applications are restricted to Chamber members who are in good standing.

The closing date for applications is close of business on Monday 26 October, 2020.

All applications will be reviewed in order to select the most suitable candidates.

Only persons with relevant attributes, qualifications and experience will be considered.

We expect the review process to be completed by the end of October, 2020 and applicants will be informed accordingly.