Chamber survey results raise doubts about network stability

Amid rising complaints from its members regarding the stability of digital platforms during its virtual gatherings, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry took a survey of 136 members to measure opinion of its extent.

While the problem was not as widespread as feared, the results question the ability of the local network to handle increasing traffic as businesses switch to virtual offices, working from home, and expanding their digital communication.

While we have not polled enough users to reach definitive opinions, it is clear that signal-dropping can cause disaffection with the new method of working - and in some cases spoils the experience for all participants, even when only one person is cut off or cannot be seen or heard – especially if that person is the customer or keynote speaker.

As far as we know, our survey is the first of its kind across many service providers, to measure how each is performing against the rest in the sample.

The results are not an indication of a national problem, nor is it a definitive judgement of network performance in Cape Town. A national survey with a far larger sample is needed to provide that.

What we do have is evidence that the system is taking strain.

If we are to present Cape Town as a modern city on par with the likes of Chicago, London, Paris or Shanghai and Hong Kong, the quality of digital services that the City offers will have to match the international norm.

We will be sharing user comments and other data in our survey with service providers. The raw data is available to members of the Chamber and by service providers on request to