Service Skills – Workshop

Course overview:r
Connect with Internal & External Customersr
We have been taught that however unreasonable, illogical or insane we may perceive the customer to be, they are always right. What a challenge! Brain ? Savvy Service offers powerful and innovative solutions contributing to positive customer perceptions.r
Empowered to self-manage and apply emotional intelligence across the customer spectrum, service teams will resiliently be able to offer a new level of excellence and accountability, boosting productivity and reducing costs.r
This innovative programme provides an understanding of the brain, confidence in using the associated tools and as a consequence, improves personal performance in life and at work.r
Course outline:r
? Unpack service challenges and applying a new lensr
? Discover that service starts with ?Brain to Brain? connectionr
? Learn self-management techniques to optimise every encounterr
? Collaborate and contribute positively across diverse teamsr
? Practise brain-friendly approaches to service-based challengesr
? Deal with difficult complaints, conflict and criticismr
? Develop a service goal that contributes to developing customer trustr
Event organiser:?Helga Smit on 021 402 4300 or email
Speaker profile:?Lynn Andries, Symbiota Leadership Institute