Debt Collection – Workshop

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The prompt collection of slow paying and overdue accounts is the heart of every business’ survival. In doing so, debt collectors have the difficult task of handling customers, coping with conflict, confrontation, negativity and rudeness.

Good methodical debt collecting practices for every recovery often prevents unpleasant experience.

This practical workshop will highlight the importance of debt collecting and why retaining customers is so crucial to the business.

Course content:

Introducing the Role
• Job description
• Understanding the importance, role, function and purpose of the debt collector
• How the debt collector fit into the company’s life cycle
• Noting personal attributes and aligning them with the position
• Positive attitudes within self and towards others
• Ability to deal with stress and conflict

Procedural Skills
• Starting the debt recovery process early
• Preparing for each case prior to calling
• Conducting a telephone debt recovery professionally
• Positive approach towards customers
• Understanding the cost implication of outstanding debt
• Dealing with difficult non-committal customers, objections and negativity
• The importance of not mixing emotion with business
• Turning promises into commitments to pay
• Use agreed payment dates and reminders to follow through payment recoveries

• Effective listening
• Remaining focused with the call on hand
• The ability to think logically
• Communicating assertively
• Closing calls amicable and professionally
• Email communication – do’s and don’ts
• Relationship building with customers

Learning outcomes:
• Planning collections by preparing customer information and profile
• Confirming a commitment to pay and follow up until payment is received
• Keeping accurate records
• Dealing with delay tactics and objections effectively
• Handling difficult callers assertively without being aggressive
• Understanding the importance of the position in the company
• Motivation, positive attitude – be part of the solution not the problem
• Understand the importance of the customer
• Being a good listener by applying effective listening skills
• Manage time and prioritise tasks
• Take ownership and accept responsibility

Who should attend this workshop:
Suitable for all administrative staff, debtors and creditors teams and bookkeepers.

Event organiser: Helga Smit –

Speaker: Lionel Bourgeois – VETTA Internationale

Event Details

Date: 05/03/2020

Start time: 08:30

End time: 15:45

Venue: Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Coordinates: 33°55'14.1"S 18°25'54.0"E

Phone: 021 402 4300