Certificates of origin

In order to keep abreast of developments, particularly in the age of eCommerce, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is now offering an additional service to exporters and freight forwarders.

As of 01 February 2016, the Chamber has been able to issue electronic Certificates of Origin via an essCert system that has been extensively tested and used in other countries.

The Chamber will continue to issue manual Certificates of Origin and exporters who opt to use the e-Certificate of Origin must ensure that their client/importer notifies the Customs Authority in their respective countries, as well as verify that the electronic version will be accepted.

The advantage of using the essCert system is that it is less time-consuming and cost-effective.

For more information on electronic certificates of origin, please contact either, Bradley, Glynnis or Lucia on Tel: 021 402 4300 or emails: bradley@capechamber.co.za / glynnis@capechamber.co.za / lucia@capechamber.co.za