Cape Town will be staging the 2023 Netball World Cup


The Cape Chamber is delighted that Cape Town will be staging the 1922 Netball World Cup.

It is once again proof that the City at the foot of Table Mountain has the power to draw and stage international events and that will be good for business, good for jobs and good for tourism.

The tournament will put Cape Town on TV screens around the world and it should be a great advertisement for everything we have to offer.

At the same time it will be a challenge. The centre of the tournament will be the underused Good Hope Centre and it will be good to see the centre brought back to life, but the big challenge will be to improve the surrounding areas.

This is a vital historic part of the City which has been much neglected in recent years. We have unfinished buildings, open spaces and a planning vacuum. I hope the City sees this as a challenge to deal with old problems and a sorry story of injustice. Perhaps it will even give it a new District Six or should we call it District Seven for luck and a future of renewal.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber