Zuma’s fate more pressing than SONA’s postponement

Zuma’s fate more pressing than SONA’s postponement

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the postponement of the State of the Nation address in Parliament (SONA), but is concerned about the delay in deciding on President Zuma’s fate.

The indications are that the president will resign and this has lifted the mood of business and the country.

Our concern is the delay. Throughout his career president Zuma has used delaying tactics to buy time and we must ask how he intends to use this time and whether he could do further damage to the country and the economy.

Before the election of the new ANC president, he promised free tertiary education without any plan or budget to make it possible. The country cannot afford free university education at this stage and it will cost us dearly. It will be interesting to see what his successor plans to do to on this issue.

This makes it essential for him to leave office without delay and before he can sign anything.

There’s also reason to be concerned about the negotiations and what concessions might be made as this could send out the wrong message to the world. The message has to be one of accountability and that there will be consequences for those who have enriched themselves at the expense of the poor and the taxpayer. Anything else will just not do.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber