WC Cabinet changes make a great deal of sense

WC Cabinet changes make a great deal of sense

The changes in the Western Cape Cabinet were inevitable as Mr Dan Plato returns to the City Council as the new Mayor but they make a great deal of sense.

Mr Alan Winde has done an outstanding job as Minister of Economic Opportunities but he, too, will soon be moving on to become the Province’s new Premier. Allowing him to take over as Minister of Safety and Security will broaden his experience in preparation for his new responsibilities.

Ms Beverley Schafer’s move from DA chief whip to Economic Development and Agriculture gives her a chance to settle in before next year’s election. She has already indicated that she will continue the policies put in place by Mr Alan Winde.

Ms Schafer has big shoes to fill but her commitment to creating an enabling environment for business is a good start. We can assure her of the support of the Chamber as she goes about this work.

The economic performance of the Western Cape has been good compared to other provinces and the national government, but we still need to do better. It will be a big challenge and we will watch the performance of the new minister with interest and encouragement.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber