Urging our Members to support the march to Parliament

Urging our Members to support the march to Parliament

We, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, urge our members to support the peaceful march to Parliament to protest against corruption and state capture.

We have reached a state where it has become necessary for all good men and women to stage a public demonstration of support for real democracy and the values enshrined in our Constitution.

We cannot prescribe to our members but we believe they share our values and will support our actions. We have given our own staff permission to participate in the march.

In addition, we have written to Federation of Unions of South Africa to assure them of our support for their role in the demonstration.

It’s now necessary for both organised business and labour to stand together and say enough. The people of South Africa have been the victims of massive theft while the authorities have done little to bring the criminals to book.

We hope the collaboration between organised business and labour will mark the beginning of a new co-operative approach to find lasting solutions to the country’s social and political problems. The country is crying out for new leadership and we will support every lawful and peaceful attempt to achieve this aim.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber