Practical Minute Taking and Secretarial Skills

The duties of a secretary or administrative assistant vary by industry and/or employer, but some tasks are common to many work settings. In general, secretaries perform basic clerical, organisational and office responsibilities for an organisation or department. Course outline: –    Answering the Telephone –    Stationary Management –    Communication and Listening Skills –    Time Management –   […]

Telephone Etiquette

An organisation’s staff members represent the company to the client/customer and the entire public over the telephone. What sort of impression and image are your staff members displaying of the company?

Online Marketing and LinkedIn

Online Marketing: The digital divide has prevented small business owners from learning how to market their business on the internet. We strive to help those who did not grow up with tech. You are shown the importance of social media as a key element to connect, communicate and build relationships with your potential clients. Online […]

Demystifying E-Commerce in South Africa

In this talk, we will demystify online shopping by understanding the benefits to online shop owners, entrepreneurs and consumers and that all past concerns have already been addressed by eCommerce technology.

The Practical Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants should fully understand the scope of personal assistant duties and the required attributes. By attending this workshop you would learn more about typical PA skills, goals, objectives and duties. Course outline: –    Introduction to the functions of a Personal Assistant –    Relationship management in the workplace –    Key attributes, skills and knowledge for […]