Habits of Highly Effective People – Workshop

Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” gives many guidelines to follow in order to live an effective life – one of personal and public effectiveness and meaning. In this workshop these seven principles will be unpacked and applied with practical exercises to support behaviour change. Course outline: • Induction – paradigms & […]

Leadership for Team Leaders – Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide a strong foundation in understanding the principles and skills of good leadership – how to apply influencing techniques and how to communicate effectively when delegating tasks. Completion of this training will provide team leaders with skills on building relationships together with effective strategies on “getting the job done” through […]

Purchase & Supply Chain Management – Workshop

Purchasing and Supply Management is an important barometer of corporate profit potential in the modern-day economic landscape – signalling how a company administers its logistical activities and vendor relationships. Like all areas of business, ethics in purchasing management is critically important as it can affect the company’s bottom line. This workshop will introduce the fundamental […]

Presentation Skills – Workshop

How do you present information? Do you distract your audience with your non-verbal communication? Do you get “butterflies” in your stomach when you have to do public speaking in meetings or even at a dinner party? Is what you say what your audience hear? The purpose of this course is to help you with skills […]

Project Management – Workshop

The ability to plan, resource, implement, measure and close a project is a critical business skill. This Project Management soft skill workshop provides a comprehensive process based model for project management and outline the key tools and techniques required to deliver excellent projects on time – within budget and with the required results. Learning outcomes: […]