The Supervisor – Workshop

The supervisor’s role is to meet management’s demands on one side and the team, colleagues, customers and union’s demands on the other side. This practical workshops focuses on the necessity to empower teams through delegation and to communicate effectively through motivation, problem solving and conflict management skills. Successful teams reflect successful leaders. Learning outcomes: ·       […]

How to complete your Income Tax Return – CPD Webinar

• Have you ever done your taxes? • Do you struggle to complete your Income Tax Return? • Do you know if you are Tax Compliant? This webinar will provide you with the required knowledge and understanding of how to complete your income tax return for submission. Topics to be discussed: • What is Taxation? […]

Wills – CPD Webinar

Do you have a valid Will? Having a Will is critical as it allows you to specify exactly how you wish to distribute your assets and to which beneficiaries. This enables you to plan your estate, according to your own wishes. This webinar is designed to cater for the needs of any person who: • […]

VAT & Customs Registration – CPD Webinar

This webinar introduces a more practical approach to VAT Registration and will provide you with the required knowledge and understanding in order to obtain an Import and Export License. Topics to be discussed: • Supporting documents required for VAT Registrations and why certain documents are needed. • Step by step guide on how to complete […]

Time Management, Assertiveness & Personal Productivity -Workshop

This interactive course offers a practical look at issues that can either hinder or assist productivity and provides a range of tools for immediate application in the workplace. It is designed to prepare and equip participants to maximise personal productivity within the organisation with a strong focus on time management, efficiency, assertiveness and stress reduction. […]