Interpersonal Skills & Emotional Intelligence – Workshop

Poor interpersonal skills can often damage an organisation in terms of lost business, impaired customer relationships and lack of coordination of internal processes. This workshop delivers key concepts and techniques that can immediately be applied to maximize staff interpersonal skills to maintain a competitive advantage. Learning outcomes: • The importance of working together • Character […]

Team Leadership Skills – Workshop

As leaders, we are ultimately in the business of inspiring Brains, aren’t we? This programme equips managers and supervisors to create an empowering mood and intelligently engage their team’s motivational drives, with the brain in mind. This results in team productivity and accountability. Through this experiential brain savvy workshop, participants will: Raise personal awareness and […]

Duties of Directors & Sound Board Practices – Information Session

Session 1 Duties of Directors The (new) Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008, which came into effect from May 2011, made some fundamental changes to the duties of directors and the way that breaches of these are viewed. Not only are the duties codified fully, but directors of a company can be held personally liable […]

Client Service – Workshop

Client Service is a company’s backbone. Do you know: • Why your clients leave? • Why you clients stay? • How to create loyalty in a competitive world? The purpose of this workshop is to create awareness of the value you bring that goes far beyond your product or service. On completion of this course, […]

Delegating to Empower – Workshop

Empowering one’s employees means that they will be more productive, more satisfied, take more ownership on their work, be more innovative and create higher-quality products and service than un-empowered employees. Empowering others can be very threatening for many managers because it means giving up control and letting others make decisions, set goals, accomplish results and […]