Breaking Big – Strategy Development

Do you have a clearly defined strategy articulating your 2020 vision, identifying areas affecting that vision and putting planning measures in place to achieve that vision?

Effective Communication Skills

For an organisation to run cohesively, communication is necessary. Communication involves listening attentively, engaging in dialogue and delivering information in the most direct and productive ways possible. All the people in an organisation, from its leaders to its members, are responsible for their role in efficient and open communication. To better improve the state of […]

Indonesian Inward Selling Mission: Information and B2B Meetings

An inward selling mission from Indonesia together with the Cape Chamber will be hosting a business forum followed by B2B sessions. This meeting is hosted by the Cape Chamber and the High Commission of Indonesia. The Director of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre in Johannesburg, Mr Pontas Tobing, will be coming to Cape Town and […]