Customer Service – Workshop

Customer Service forms an integral part of every business. It takes place in many different formats; from in-person to over the telephone to via the internet. Regardless of how the customer service is delivered, soft skills ae needed. Customer Service soft skills are relationship-building skills. This practical workshop highlights the importance of working through company […]

Stepping up to Sustainability – Information Session

Sustainability is becoming a business imperative. This short session will introduce participants to the process of going green, what is involved and how to reap its many benefits. Outcomes: By the end of the session, participants will understand why sustainability is now a priority and how to […] Outcomes: By the end of the workshop, […]

Mental Health & Resilience – Workshop

This leadership development workshop facilitates action learning experience that allows anyone to enhance their own unique style of leadership and unlock their full potential – becoming more confident, inspiring and effective decision makers. The workshop enhances EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in business and facilitates the development of any individual’s ability to connect with themselves and others […]

Managing Workplace Relationships – Workshop

Positive interpersonal relationships are the key to creating positive energy in people’s lives. When people experience positive interactions they are elevated, revitalised, enlivened and motivated. Positive relationships also help people perform better in tasks and at work. The performance or an organisation is also enhanced by the presence of positive relationships among its employees. Employees […]

Ethical Behaviour in the Workplace – Workshop

Ethical behaviour tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights. Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values. This workshop will take an open view on how this impacts in the South African […]