Project Management Workshop

Project Management- Workshop Do you struggle to manage and plan projects? Why do your projects run over their deadlines? Do you spend enough time in each phase of the project plan? The Purpose of this workshop is to learn how to plan, manage and execute projects. Content: What is project management? Why projects fail? The human […]

Hands on Management Workshop

How do you manage your team?  Do you know how your team perceives you as a leader?  How can you create a fully functional team? The Purpose of this workshop is to teach you practical management skills. Content: Self-Management Self-Management and management functions and tasks Management in Organisations Business Functions of Organisations Management Levels Organisation […]

Presentation Skills Workshop

How do you present information? Do you distract your audience with your non-verbal communication? Do you get “butterflies” in your stomach when you have to do public speaking? Did your audience hear what you said? The Purpose of this workshop is to help you with skills to communicate or present in any situation. Content: What is […]

Marketing with YouTube & SoundCloud – Workshop

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. It is owned by the number one search engine, Google. Used strategically, YouTube can help boost exposure to your brand and services. In this course, you will learn how to: • Bring an idea to life. • Brand your videos. • Upload videos with good […]

Unclouding the cloud: DropBox and other useful cloud apps – Workshop

Cloud technologies will help you and your team work with ease across all your devices – and across the world. It can assist with project management, documentation and collaboration. Applications covered in this course: DropBox is a cloud storage application with added functionality such as sharing of large files or folders with colleagues, clients or […]