Cape Chamber Central Chapter Coffee Club

#CCCCCC The Cape Chamber Central Chapter Coffee Club invites business owners, managers and professionals who are keen to share ideas, offer referrals and build relationships in a friendly networking environment. It also creates an opportunity to engage with decision makers and business leaders to discuss important issues affecting business. Please prepare your 1 minute pitch […]

If Donald Trump wins, this is why

Although Clinton is leading at the polls, when it came to Brexit, the day before the referendum there was 48% ‘stay’ versus 46% ‘leave’. And we know what happened there. So, although the polls give an indication of voting preferences, I’m not going to predict the outcome of the US election. However Donald Trump is […]

How technology can help NGO fundraising Workshop

All businesses – especially NGO’s – have a struggle increasing income on a shoe-string marketing budget. Strategic use of technology can assist in increasing productivity, marketing and income without breaking the bank This talk will cover 3 digital strategies: 1.  Social Media – understand the benefits of why your NGO needs to be on social […]