The 6 laws of retail

The 6 laws of retail You probably saw 100 advertisements in the past 24 hours. Can you recall three? Messages just don’t stick like they used to. We might think that we’re actively filtering out the myriad of advertising that comes our way, but Levanthal’s fear experiments illustrate something less defensive. Howard Levanthal, a social […]

Premier Project Management Workshop

The ability to plan, resource, implement, measure and close a project is a critical business skill. This Project Management soft skill workshop provides a comprehensive process based model for project management and outlines the key tools and techniques required to deliver excellent projects on time, within budget and with the required results. Course outcomes: • […]

Perfect your Telephone Etiquette Workshop

An organisation’s staff members represent the company to the client/customer and the entire public over the telephone. What sort of impression and image are your staff members portraying to the outside world Course objectives: To equip the delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to enhance the professional image of the organisation. Course […]

Complaint Handling & Conflict Management Workshop

What is the cost of complaints to business? Complaints dealt with positively win over customers and enhance the survival of the organisation. Complaints are however often handled negatively and poorly with troublesome issues deflecting resources from “real work”. Understanding how to manage complaints efficiently, handle conflict, take responsibility and deal with customers professionally are the […]