Lunch Time Networking Event in the Cape Coast

Would you like the opportunity to tell potential contacts about your business while enjoying a delicious light lunch? Then this is the ideal opportunity for you! Come and join your fellow members at our networking luncheon at Knife Restaurant. You will get the chance (1 minute) to promote your company’s products and services while connecting […]

Provincial Budget Comment

It is clear from the new provincial budget that the Western Cape continues to lead the way in promoting industrial development and growth. I think this is largely due to the imaginative approach adopted to encourage industries like tourism, renewable energy and modern broad band communication. It is also because the province goes out of its […]

Fractals and the simple truth about business

Fractals and the simple truth about business “One of the most pernicious misconceptions … is that complexity and chaotic behaviour are synonymous,” states the Encylopaedia Britannica. And I agree – complexity should not exclude understanding – especially if it has fractal properties. Fractals are shapes that have some form of self-similarity. You’ve probably got one […]

Warehousing, Storage & Distribution Workshop

This workshop is mainly aimed at candidates who undertake a variety of warehousing, storage and logistics activities. This training is about the safe and efficient collection, management, storage, handling and dispatch of goods in a warehousing environment. Course outcomes: • The importance of good stock control • Understanding stock and how it affects all departments […]

Human Resource Management for HR Administrators Workshop

The shift from traditional personnel management to human resource management has mirrored growing realization by organisations of employees’ important contribution within the organisation. By consolidating this contribution the company van maximize strategic objectives. This workshop emphasized the strategic role that human resources management plays within the modern day organisation and outlines the key functions that […]