When PowerPoint is your cash register

When PowerPoint’s your cash register The cash register in a company is often the PowerPoint presentation (not just the PowerPoint, but the whole package that comes with it – which is usually you). Although we frequently sell our work (or rather ourselves) on paper, and even sometimes verbally; in many cases the success of the […]

Cape Chamber Central Chapter Coffee Club

#CCCCCC The Cape Chamber Central Chapter Coffee Club invites business owners, managers and professionals who are keen to share ideas, offer referrals and build relationships in a friendly networking environment. It also creates an opportunity to engage with decision makers and business leaders to discuss important issues affecting business. Please prepare your 1 minute pitch […]

Death by Powerpoint

Death by PowerPoint: The 10 ways to prevent it Unlike firearms, no one needs a license to present with PowerPoint – so until such licenses are issued, these are the basics in the field of presentation safety. 1.    Skip the first slide with the table of contents. There’s nothing worse than the dentist telling you […]