Mastering your Social Media Strategy for 2018

Social media marketing has taken a giant leap since mid-2017. It is normal to feel that we are already lagging behind. Digital communication moves that fast. Get ahead of the game with this strategic session that will help innovate your marketing efforts. Facebook announced on the 12th of January 2018 that they are shifting their news […]

When a brainwave can harm your business

Visit the business section of your bookstore, and you are left with the distinct impression that improbable entrepreneurial success is achieved by people whose intuition overcame conventional wisdom. However, Cornell’s Prof Gilovich reminds us that what’s missing is the likely corollary that many, if not most, fail quickly and quietly. David Stauffer in his article […]

Death by Powerpoint

Death by PowerPoint: The 10 ways to prevent it Unlike firearms, no one needs a license to present with PowerPoint – so until such licenses are issued, these are the basics in the field of presentation safety. 1.    Skip the first slide with the table of contents. There’s nothing worse than the dentist telling you […]