Operations Management – Workshop

This workshop is intended for all persons who need to develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan. It is ideal for managers in all economic sectors. These managers would typically be second level managers such as heads of department, section heads or divisional heads, who may have more than one team reporting to them. COURSE […]

Women in Leadership – Workshop

This job relevant course will equip delegates and/or potential leaders, with little or no previous experience, to put good management theory into practice. The course emphasizes the need for personal responsibility while gaining new insight and learning new behaviours to manage the work environment. COURSE CONTENT: 1. Introduction to Women in Leadership 2. Explain the […]

My Manager, My Mentor – Workshop

“Mentoring is an interpersonal relationship where organisational memory and wisdom is transferred.” The “My Mentor” workshop introduces senior and technical experts to the world of “unlockable potential”, which is embodied in effective and sustainable mentoring initiatives. Being an effective Mentor is now globally recognised as one of the most sought after “executive capabilities”. This workshop […]

Delegating to Empower – Workshop

Empowering one’s employees means that they will be more productive, more satisfied, take more ownership on their work, be more innovative an create higher-quality products and service than un-empowered employees. Empowering others can be very threatening for many managers because it means giving up control an letting others make decisions, se goals, accomplish results and […]

Excelling as a Supervisor – Workshop

The supervisor’s role is to meet management’s demands on one end and the colleagues, customers and union demands on the other. This practical workshop focuses on the necessity to empower teams through delegation and to communicate effectively through motivation, problem solving an conflict management skills. Successful teams reflect successful leaders. Learning outcomes: • The role, […]