Rumble in the Urban Jungle 2018 – Mngxitama vs Roodt

Expropriation without Compensation – whose land is it anyway? The land issue will be the subject of the next Rumble in the Urban Jungle on the evening of the 6th November at the Cape Sun. The two prize fighters in the “heavydebate championship of South Africa” will be Comrade Andile Mngxitama, the fearless leader of […]

Land Expropriation without Compensation – Portfolio Committee debate

The Agribusiness Portfolio Committee will be hosting a meeting with industry experts to discuss the issue of Land Expropriation without Compensation.  The meeting will focus on the negative impact that expropriation without fair compensation could have on agri business (including agro-processing enterprises), as well as models of successful land reform.. The Panelists: Gerrit van Vuuren, […]