Debt Collection Management – Workshop

This workshop is designed for Business Enterprises who offer their clients credit terms and need to learn how to best manage their debtor’s book to maximise Working Capital. • Do your clients owe outstanding monies that you are struggling to collect? • Are outstanding payments affecting your cash flow? • Do you need to improve […]

Demystifying Money Workshop

Some people seem to have all the success when it comes to money and others just can’t seem to ever earn enough. Money is everywhere and so much part of our lives, yet can be so baffling to many of us. This workshop aims to take the mystery out of money, to help you understand […]

Dealing with Debt Collecting Workshop

The prompt collection of slow paying and overdue accounts in the heart of every business’ survival. In so doing, debt collectors have the difficult task of handling customers, coping with conflict, confrontation, negativity and rudeness. Good methodical debt collecting practices for early recovery often prevents unpleasant experiences.