Creative Conflict in the Workplace – Workshop

Creative Conflict is aimed at anyone who has experienced difficulty handling conflict.  Do you handle conflict with ease? Do you get emotional when you experience conflict? Do you perceive “disagreeing” as conflict? The Purpose of this workshop is to understand what conflict is and to learn how to stay authentic and in control during these […]

Conflict in the Workplace – Webinar

NOTE: THIS WEBINAR WILL BE BROADCASTED LIVE AT TWO DIFFERENT TIMES 2pm – 3pm OR 7pm – 8pm Conflict in the Workplace is unavoidable. This webinar will help you to recognise conflict, understand the nature of conflict and have tools to interact with conflict. The webinar will illustrate the main causes of conflict, how the […]

Complaint Handling & Conflict Management Workshop

What is the cost of complaints to business? Complaints dealt with positively win over customers and enhance the survival of the organisation. Complaints are however often handled negatively and poorly with troublesome issues deflecting resources from “real work”. Understanding how to manage complaints efficiently, handle conflict, take responsibility and deal with customers professionally are the […]

Managing Employee Absenteeism Workshop

Most companies seem to be losing ground when it comes to employee absenteeism yet the responsibility for managing it has fallen primarily on immediate supervisors. The supervisors are often the only people who are aware that a certain employee is absent.  They are in the best position to understand the circumstances surrounding an individual’s absence […]