Creative Conflict Handling – Workshop

This workshop is aimed at anyone who experience difficulty handling conflict. Do you handle conflict with ease? Do you get emotional when you experience conflict? Do you perceive “disagreeing” as conflict? The purpose of this course is to understand what conflict is and to learn how to stay authentic and in control during these difficult […]

Telephone Skills & E-Mail Correspondence – Workshop

Talking on the telephone makes some people uncomfortable. This is made worse if they’re using the phone for business purposes. A key to overcoming this discomfort is training on how to handle others telephonically. Developing these necessary skills helps with client relations, business cold-calling scenarios and general phone etiquette. This practical workshop will focus on […]

Warehouse, Storage & Distribution – Workshop

This workshop is mainly aimed at candidates who undertake a variety of warehousing, storage and logistics activities. This training is about the safe and efficient collection, management, storage, handling and dispatch of goods in a warehousing environment. Learning outcomes: • The importance of good stock control • Understanding stock and how it affects all departments […]

Managing Employment Relations – A Problem Solving Approach – Workshop

Course objectives: To equip line managers with a broad understanding of Employment Relations, including: managing conflict, building co-operative relationships and disciplinary/incapacity procedures. Course content: • Introduction of employment relations • The importance of trust in employment relations • Assessing the state of ER and levels of trust in the organisation • The contract of employment: […]

The Supervisor – Workshop

The supervisor’s role is to meet management’s demands on one side and the team, colleagues, customers and union’s demands on the other side. This practical workshops focuses on the necessity to empower teams through delegation and to communicate effectively through motivation, problem solving and conflict management skills. Successful teams reflect successful leaders. Learning outcomes: • […]