Compromise & Deferment of Arrear Taxes – Webinar

• Do you know how to approach SARS? • Do you know how to enter into an agreement for a tax reduction or writing off of outstanding taxes? • Do you know that installment payments can be arranged with SARS for long overdue taxes? • Have you failed to submit returns in time, and need […]

Practical Approach to Financial Administration – Webinar

This webinar introduces a more practical approach to the financial administration of a business, explaining all relevant documents to be completed and kept on file, registrations required and all information to be stored. You will be able to recognise and understand how to ensure your company’s complete compliance with SARS, CIPC and the Department of […]

Minute Taking – Workshop

Valuable time is spent in meetings and preparing minutes. Minute takers struggle with tenses, grammar and flow of text interpretation and paraphrasing. This practical workshop ensures that participants acquire the skill to accurately condense information by focusing on objections made, decisions taken and promptly compiling a course of action list to fast track action. Course […]

Service Skills – Workshop

Course overview: Connect with Internal & External Customers We have been taught that however unreasonable, illogical or insane we may perceive the customer to be, they are always right. What a challenge! Brain – Savvy Service offers powerful and innovative solutions contributing to positive customer perceptions. Empowered to self-manage and apply emotional intelligence across the […]

Women in Management – Workshop

Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astaire did and she did it backwards and in high heels – Faith Whittlesay Business women differ from business men in style, not in skill. This workshop refines leadership and interpersonal skills and gives you the added platform to improve your management style all round. This workshop will guide you through […]