SOPA 2018 address remarkably positive

SOPA 2018 address remarkably positive

SOPA 2018

Despite the devastating drought and fires in the Western Province, the picture that emerged from the State of the Province address by the Premier, Helen Zille, was remarkably positive.

When we see the number of jobs growing in agriculture and the 11% increase in tourism then it is clear that the Western Cape is the best place in South Africa to do business.

I was pleased to learn that 62% of the land reform projects in the Western Cape have been successful against a failure rate of 90% for the country as a whole. That is enormously encouraging and I hope our new president takes note of this achievement and the partnerships that made it possible.

When success like this is achieved, it makes nonsense of radical and destructive measures like expropriation without compensation.

The Chamber fully supports the Premier’s appeal to make military land in Cape Town available for housing. Building on land at Ysterplaat, Wingfield and Young’s Field aerodromes could bring people closer to town, their places of work and public transport while boosting the economy and creating thousands of new jobs.

These are opportunities to transform the City and make wasted urban land productive.

Other welcome successes were the growth of the green economy. I was surprised to learn that we already have 47MW of roof-top electricity and this clearly shows that we are moving ahead of the country.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber