Below you will find our selection of business-related topics from the latest government gazettes.

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Week 25 – 2017

South African Revenue Service
Customs and Excise Act: Amendment of Schedule 1 (no 1/1/1572).

Income Tax Act: Agreement between South Africa and Costa Rica for exchange of information relating to tax matters.

Income Tax Act: Agreement between South Africa and Monaco for exchange of information relating to tax matters.

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
Legal Aid South Africa Act: Legal Aid Manual tabled in Parliament.

Department of Energy
National Energy Regulator Act: Africa South of Regulator Energy National: Full-time regulator members responsible for electricity regulation and petroleum pipelines regulation: Nominations invited.

Department of Trade and Industry
Merchandise Marks Act: Prohibition on use of Companies and Intellectual Property Commission figure: Comments invited.

National Credit Act: Guideline for submission of credit information: Comments invited.

Department of Labour
Labour Relations Act: Essential Services Committee: Investigation as to whether services should be declared essential: Lifeguards at beaches, radiology, manufacture of total parenteral nutrition, medical officers in public health care: Oral representation.

Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA)
Auditing Profession Act: Code of professional conduct for registered auditors: Custody of client assets: Amendments.

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Marine Living Resources Act: Fees payable in respect of applications and issuing of rights, permits and licenses in small-scale fishery sector.

Week 24 – 2017

National Treasury
Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act: Recognition of categories of institutions.

Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act: Commencement.

Financial Intelligence Centre Act: Regulations: Amendments: Draft; Exemptions: Withdrawal: Comments invited.

Department of Trade and Industry
International Trade Administration Act: Customs tariff applications: List 5/2017: Comments invited.

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa
Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act: Equity ownership by historically disadvantaged groups and application of Information and Communications Technology Sector Code: Discussion document: Extension of closing date.

Department of Transport
South African Maritime Safety Authority Act: Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy: Approval.

Financial Services Board
Financial Services Board Act: Levies on financial institutions.

Department of Home Affairs
Recognition of Customary Marriages Act: Further period for registration of customary marriages section 4(3)(b) up to 30 April 2019.

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Spatial Data Infrastructure Act: Regulations.

Department of Health
National Health Act: Regulations: Emergency care at mass gathering events.

Mental Health Care Act: Guidelines for licensing of residential and day care facilities for people with mental and/or intellectual disabilities: Annexures.