Below you will find our selection of business-related topics from the latest government gazettes.

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Week 12 – 2017

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Liquor Products Act: Regulations: Amendment

Department of Environmental Affairs
National Environmental Management: Waste Act: National norms and standards for sorting, shredding, grinding, crushing, screening or bailing of general waste: Comments invited.

South African Revenue Service
Customs and Excise Act: Amendment of Schedule 2 (no 2/1/380).

Customs and Excise Act: Amendment of Schedule 1 (no 1/1/1266).

Department of Trade and Industry
International Trade Administration Act: Customs tariff applications: List 2/2017: Comments invited.

Merchandise Marks Act: Prohibition on use of Invest SA Logo.

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill: Draft.

Department of Higher Education and Training
Skills Development Act: Criteria and guidelines for implementation of artisan recognition of prior learning.

Department of Labour
Unemployment Insurance Act: Increase of scale of benefits.

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act: Classification of industries.

Financial Services Board
Financial Markets Act: JSE conflicts of interest arrangements: Amendments: Comments invited.

Refugees Amendment Bill B12B-2016

Week 11 – 2017

Department of Labour
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act: Classification of industries.

South African Qualifications Authority
National Qualifications Act: Application to be recognised as a professional body: Association of Southern African Travel Agents: Comments invited.

Marine Living Resources Act: Policy on boat-based whale and dolphin watching: Comments invited: Extension of deadline for comments.

National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act: Regulations: Coastal waters discharge permit: Comments invited.

Department of Energy
National Nuclear Regulator Act: Fees payable: Granting of nuclear authorisation.

National Nuclear Regulator Act: Nuclear authorisations fees.

Department of Trade and Industry
Standards Act: Standards matters.