The Set Breaker

Answer: Words with ‘r’ as the third letter.

Most people tend to choose words starting with ‘r’, as they are easier to think of than the words with ‘r’ inside. You can try it – it even works in this paragraph.

In the same way, the availability of information often influences us in making inaccurate estimates, as we tend to gauge events as more probable if we can imagine them easily. At the roulette table, the winning numbers are displayed on a board, so that people can predict what will come up. This is called the Gambler’s Fallacy, as there is no connection between the numbers that came up in the past and those what will come up in future. They just make it easy for you to imagine it, and thus overestimate the possibility of it occurring.

Source: Louw D, Edwards D. Psychology, An introduction for students in South Africa. Heinemann 2nd Ed p396.

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