Recent violent crimes against Metrorail passengers

Recent violent crimes against Metrorail passengers

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been deeply shocked by the murder, robberies and brutal assaults on Metrorail passengers between Lynedoch and Eerste River at the weekend.

What is bitterly disappointing is that it is now clear that the Passenger Rail Agency (PRASA) is falling down on its commitments to upgrade safety and security on the trains’.

The details of the attack are sickening and reveal that criminals have a level of contempt for train security and vulnerable passengers that we have not seen before.

Unfortunately, it has come at a time when the Province, the City and business have united to help PRASA and Metrorail deal with passenger safety and rail infrastructure sabotage problems.

PRASA had signed an agreement to contribute R16 million to a R48 million project to train a new unit to enforce safety on the trains. The Province and the City made similar commitments and the City was busy training recruits at present, but PRASA had failed to come up with its promised contribution.

PRASA is fighting a losing battle.

The Chamber supports the call for a state of emergency to be declared so that more national resources could be released to counter the destruction and violence that has become part of the daily experience of commuters.

Janine Myburgh
President of the Cape Chamber